I have been fortunate to have been able to spend the better part of the last 20 years restoring and repairing arcade video games and pinball machines. Through those years I have gained a lot of experience that I can share with you through my blog posts and upcoming books. I hope to be able to teach you to keep your games working with technical posts as well as posts with some unusual stories behind some of the repairs I have encountered.

I make the cr2032 lithium coin cell battery boards that will permanently prevent acid damage to your games’ logic boards. They are the simplest way to protect your game and I include the battery to make installation a snap. These boards are currently patent pending.

I also make the completely redesigned Tommy blinders controller board that will get your blinders working again. It’s always my intention to make my products as easy as possible for you with all needed accessories included including a new servo if you choose to replace yours.

If you live in the southeastern Pennsylvania areas including Delaware and New Jersey I can provide in home service. Have a service plan with your game? I may be able to offer repairs under those discounted rates. send an email to frank@noquartersarcade.com for more information.

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  1. I purchased a few of the CR2032 Battery boards from you at Pinfest this year. Can I use this in a Judge Dredd game?

    I see you have Judge dredd listed under a different board, but I could not see a difference between the two.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Allen, yes, you can use the WPC board in your Judge Dredd. The WPC-95 board will work as well, the pin spacing is the same, just moved to a different position to allow easier access to the mounting screws in the WPC-95 system.

  2. You mention in the instructions that you can save settings and high scores by piggybacking the battery. I have WPC and WPC95 games that I am considering changing to your board, How do you suggest the piggyback procedure?

    • If you feel comfortable with it yes, you can piggy back a secondary battery pack to the board. Solder the wires by using small temporary connections. Connect the black wire to a ground point and the red wire to the banded side of the blocking diode which is D2, you can also attach it to D1, it doesn’t matter since they are tied together. D2 prevents the game from charging the batteries and D1 is there to isolate the RAM chip power so the batteries aren’t trying to power the rest of the board. Then you can remove the old battery pack and install the new battery board. I’ve done it this way several times in the past for customers who really wanted to save their existing scores and settings. There’s always a small chance it won’t hold but I’ve had luck in the past. You really don’t have to go through all of that and I really don’t recommend it unless there’s some sentimental value to the scores on your game.

  3. Will your remote batter board work in an F-14 Tomcat? If so, is it simply a matter of plugging your connector to my board and then sticking your board somewhere inside the back box? Thanks.

    • You can use the remote board but I don’t recommend it. The F-14 Tomcat uses the System 7-11 board. Your logic board will need to be removed to install the correct board. If you want to use the remote board you can simply remove your AA batteries and cut the holder out. If you have any acid damage, that will need to be addressed first. You will still need to solder wires to the board for a dependable connection. The problem with a remote holder approach is that if you need to remove your board for service you will have a battery flopping around while trying to do repairs. Another issue is if it falls from it’s mounting it can touch something it’s not supposed to and cause shorts or even damage to your game. The correct System 7-11 board is a clean, permanent and dependable solution and the best option.

  4. Hi, I bought 3 of your pro version on ebay. I like what you did with these. I want to get more of them. I have a store where I sell pinball machines and classic video games. I noticed you don’t have the pro version on your website.

    • Hi Gene, Yes I am familiar with your store. I think you were featured on the History Channel show 80’s Tech. Let me know what you need and I’ll put a package together for you.


  5. William Moschini August 11, 2020 @ 4:50 pm

    I purchased a dual battery Pro Black Edition WPC-95 board for my Cirqus Voltaire. Would i be able to use the 2 battery Pro Black Edition WPC-95 board on my Indiana Jones that calls for the single battery WPC board? If it is compatible what is the advantage of using the 2 battery board on the Indy? Thanks

    • Yes, you can use either the single or dual boards interchangeably. The dual battery board gives you longer battery life if you use both batteries, or you can use just one at a time if you want to change out an old one by putting a new one in the vacant holder, then take out the old one. This allows you to change the batteries with the power off without losing your settings or high scores.

  6. Frank, is there a battery board for a Stern SAM system?

  7. I just bought a bunch of your boards and want to install one of the System 11 boards in my Diner but I don’t see any connection instructions.

  8. Very nice part! Well built! Thanks for the popcorn!

  9. Steven Gary Kahn December 26, 2020 @ 9:02 pm

    Aloha Frank
    Received your CR2032 board for my Bally Corvette. Didn’t include instructions.
    How do I install?

  10. Thanks for the battery replacement board for my KISS machine. Great fix for a potentially nasty thing waiting to happen. Easy install. Don’t forget to write down your soft set-up data before making the swap.

  11. I have recently purchased a number of remote battery boards from Frank. I am very happy with the easiness of installation and that I shouldn’t have to worry about battery leakage any longer.
    Thanks Frank for a great product!

  12. I ordered the Battery Board Pro WPC for my Addams Family. It arrived quickly and I watched the “How To” Youtube video. I had it installed in under an hour and it works great! Thank you Frank! -Jeffrey

  13. Hi Frank, going to look at a Corvette pin that looks like new. Don’t think he is a pin head as he collects Corvettes and just wanted this for his mancave. I know the batteries are dead and will check for corrosion, what else should I be looking for? I have had several older early solid state pins but nothing this new. Any other information such as what generation/class this pin is would be appreciated.
    Joe Szabo Dayton Ohio

    • Hey Joe, besides corrosion you’ll want to look for rust, mold or any other signs the game has gotten wet or was kept in a damp area. You should also look for hack repairs or mods that may have been sloppily installed. Depending on the amount of wear it may need a flipper rebuild. Feel free to email me at frank@noquartersarcade.com if you have more questions.

  14. I have some questions on your battery board for a Pinbot machine please give me a call on ***-***-****. Thank you.

  15. Hey Frank! I recently received my order for Williams system 7-11 and I am very happy with it. Thank you for including an autographed card and also for the popcorn! 🙂

    Thank you


  16. Hey Frank, I just purchased and installed two of your remote coin cell battery boards. They are working great! The only issue I have is there’s no way to mount directly to the Punch-Out board (original holes from AA battery not aligning) so I mounted the coin cell battery board to the side of the cage. Any thoughts on a better solution for Punch-Out?

    • Hey Brian, I made the remote board with the intention of mounting it on a panel near the logic board. I don’t have access to a Punch Out board to make a dedicated board for it. I would also need for there to be more of a demand before taking the time to make one.


  17. Williams shuffle alley 1991 parts restoration. I ama new commander of the oldest American Legion in MD and need advice forsome repairs please. I was a bench tech for years but not recent so I am able to do the soldering and respect this vintage shuffle bowl machine we love. Need to look at the led switch over, some contact or solenoid or lever replacements for pins not going up and a few arms onthe board if possible

    • Hey Tom, that game most likely needs a lot of work but will be fully reliable when finished. Unfortunately it’s too much to go into detail here but to summarize you’ll need to replace the capacitors on the power supply and logic board, replace the AA batteries with my battery board, the switch rollovers will need to be cleaned and the pivot pins peened to make them tight again. Also new pins, fluorescent lamps with starters and ballasts. The pin section will need to be cleaned as well and possibly have the mechanisms adjusted.


  18. Good morning
    I have a Road Riot 4WD arcade terminal from Atari and I have a GAL6001 HS slot 14F
    136089-1010. I cannot find the LAG program on the internet. I saw that Aaron Gilles posted on the internet https://aarongiles.com/old/gallery/
    but not the 14F I don’t know where to look or where to get information because we can’t read the GAL6001 because it is protected tell me where I can find the program because I have 2 Road Riot 4WD. Or at I can find out. Or if we can find the GAL6001 14F already programmed.
    Thanks very much

  19. Hi – I have a Sega Mary Sheely’s Frankenstein pinball with your Servo board in it. It stopped working after a brown out power drop. I replaced the motor and still no ucj so I am wondering if the board or program chip got erased when the poer went down. Any way I have the enable light just blinking steady and the ADH light steady on. It is the 2014-2018 board version 3.1 R1 What are your thoughts on what to check? Do I need a new board? Thanks!

  20. Where can I find your notes about working on the EROS 1 cocktail pinball?

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