Edge Connector Repair Fun

My buddy gave me his Sea Fighter Poseidon board with a bad edge connector to repair. In some cases you can wrap foil around the edge of the board if both sides are tied together such as power and grounds on Jamma connectors.

Pacman and Ms Pacman power and grounds on the 5 volt side are notorious for burning up and I frequently repair them by wrapping them with copper foil tape. Two-bit used to sell a nice edge connector repair kit for Pacman boards and I used a few of them over the years.

Cleaning the old foil and wrapping it with new copper foil tape is a relatively easy repair. In this case I didn’t have that option since none of the edge connections were connected to the other side.

The next best thing is to use a fingerboard like the one shown. I got it from Arcadeshop and had to cut it down to fit. As of this writing they are out of stock but here’s the link for when they are stocked again.

JAMMA Finger Board

I made the connections by using pins from Molex.156 KK series headers that I get from Mouser. Here’s the link.

26-48-1241 Molex | Mouser

Solder the pins to one side of the logic board first then solder the pins to the *opposite* side of the finger board then put them together and use small clamps to hold them together until you tack a few pins on both sides.

When doing the second side I found it was much easier to move the plastic header to the bottom before soldering to facilitate removal.

What types of things have you done to repair edge connectors?

Damaged arcade video game PCB and JAMMA finger board cut to fit.
Molex KK series.156 header pins used to make the connection and support the finger board.
Molex KK .156 pins mounted to the finger board.

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