PRO TIP: Gottlieb Sound Boards

If your Gottlieb sound board has this satellite board on it, you’ll need to remove it and reheat the pins on the underside eventually.

Underside of Gottlieb satellite board

This is tedious and it’s very easy to ruin the traces while removing the satellite board. If you’re comfortable with your soldering skills you may opt to do this as preventative maintenance. If not, it’s best to wait till you have a problem and/or have a tech do it for you.

Satellite board detail. Pins haven’t been reheated yet.

This is the second thing I do. The first thing is to burnish the edge connector with a fiberglass eraser when the sound board stops working or is working intermittently. This something that needs to be done on any Gottlieb boards that use edge connectors.

Reheated pins

One more important note, the capacitors are starting to leak now so it’s a good idea to replace them while the board is out. They can cause damage to the traces and through-hole eyelets which can lead to sound loss.

Polarity isn’t marked on the board so make sure to take pictures or mark the board so you know the orientation when putting the new caps in.

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