Rare Game Wednesday: Stern’s Orbitor 1

How many of you have ever seen or played Stern’s Orbitor 1? Made in 1982, it’s one of your more unusual games, instead of having a flat playfield, it has a contoured “bowl” shaped playfield made out of clear plexiglass.

Stern’s Orbitor 1 pinball playfield.

It has spinning discs or “targets” that keep the ball in motion in addition to slingshots. Some other features of gameplay are multi-ball and a minimum gameplay time.

Gameplay can be fast and furious since the ball can not only drain straight down between the flippers, it can also come around behind them and drain too.

According to IPDB, only a confirmed 889 units were produced

Fun fact: The original name was Orbitron 1 but due to copyright issues it was changed to Orbitor.

Here’s a link to a cool article about the development of Orbitor 1.

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