PRO TIP: Game Plan Connectors Part 1

Even though connectors can be a problem on any game, they are especially problematic on Game Plan games. I remember a story Todd told about a Game Plan executive admitting something to the effect that the connectors they used were a big part of the demise of the company.

I spent a lot of time on this Super Nova that had tons of problems. One was a bunch of feature lamps not working. When I pulled the lamp driver board to service it, I measured all the SCR’s and they seemed to check out. I started checking the harness connectors and wiggling them caused the lights to come on. Since these connectors are a pain in the ass to take apart and I don’t have the pins to re-pin them I decided to replace them all together with .093 Molex connectors.

After that all the lights started working again. Always check connectors when troubleshooting a problem, but when working on Game Plan pins, check them first. More repair logs to come on this game……

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