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Frank's Gottlieb system 3 battery boards


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This battery adapter board replaces your original soldered in coin cell battery. Replacement batteries will need to be soldered in again and again. This board eliminates that, you just solder in this board and future battery changes are as simply as popping out the old battery and popping in the new one. The battery is included and is a direct fit part so no modifications are needed. Simply remove the original battery and install your new coin cell adapter board.

Remember, your purchase helps a great cause, $2 from every battery board purchased from goes to Project Pinball!

This will fit the following games:

Side Note, Some of the games listed below may have been concepts or very limited runs. Some games also may not have been made by Gottlieb, but were built around the system 3 board systems. They are included for completeness of this list.

System 3

Barb Wire

Bell Ringer


Cactus Jack’s

Car Hop

Caribbean Cruise

Class of 1812

Cue Ball Wizard

Deadly Weapon

Frank Thomas’ Big Hurt™

Freddy A Nightmare on Elm Street




Mario Andretti


Operation: Thunder

Rescue 911

Shaq Attaq

Silver Slugger


Street Fighter II

Strikes ‘N Spares

Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. Mushroom World

Surf ‘n Safari

Tee’d Off

Title Fight



Wipe Out

World Challenge Soccer

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