Williams Gold Mine Shuffle Alley Power Supply Mod – Franks Quick Tips

These days I usually recommend to my customers that they upgrade their games to LED displays. Not only are they a permanent solution for burned in and failing glasses, they eliminate the need for the now failing high voltage section of the power supply.

William’s system 11 power supply.

After installation of the new LED set, nothing else is required but I make a few modifications. I’d at least recommend taking the high voltage fuse out.

William’s shuffle alley system 11 power supply with high voltage fuse and clips missing.

First thing I do after taking the fuse out is remove the fuse clips. Second I remove the two capacitors in the high voltage circuit. Even though they aren’t being used anymore, they can still leak and cause board damage so I take them out.

The last thing I do is take the pin out of the connector on the power supply. It’s pin four in the twelve pin connector. I do this so someone doesn’t inadvertently touch the board and get shocked.

Detail of pin four removed from a William’s system 11 power supply.

The high voltage section will never be used again so it doesn’t matter. I’ve seen some people remove all of the comments in the high voltage section. I don’t think that’s necessary and is just a bunch of extra work, it’s up to you whatever you want to do to your own game.

Like I said before, these steps are unnecessary. I guess it’s my OCD that requires me to remove unused parts. I mainly remove the fuse clips so someone doesn’t think a fuse is missing and try to put one in or an unknowing person touch the high voltage section of the power supply and get a nasty shock.

Thanks for reading my quick tip, until next time, Frank.

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